Safer Driver Training

20 hours off your Log Book.
All participants must hold a valid NSW Learner License, be under 25 years of age, and have completed 50 Log Book hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jody on 0416 136 155 to book this service or to access detailed information relating to the Safer Driver Course.

In support of the NSW Government and the Roads and Maritime Services’ initiative to raise the awareness of safer driving strategies among young drivers, Lake Macquarie PCYC and Warners Bay Driving School have devised a means to deliver the Safer Driver Course to learner drivers within the school environment.

Successful completion of the course requires students to participate in 3 hours of face-to-face tuition with a trained facilitator, and 2 hours of practical defensive driving training with an experienced driver training instructor. Due to these time requirements many of our busy teens are opting to omit this invaluable driver training experience from their learner driver programme increasing their risk of being involved in the main courses of accidents in provisional drivers: head on collision, intersection collision, rear end collision and veering off road out of control collision.

In a bid to increase the safety of our young drivers by ensuring all learner drivers can access the Safer Driver Course, we are taking the course into our Newcastle schools through a variety of versatile delivery options and invite the students of Newcastle Grammar School to be a part of this.

Our delivery options include: 

Whole day program
5 hour course delivered in a single day in a selected 5 hour time period between the hours of 7am and 5.30pm.

Split day program
This is best suited for schools who wish to minimise loss of time in the delivery of everyday curriculum. In consultation with your school’s coordinator, we will find a 3 hour time period in your timetable (often mentor periods/study periods and lunch breaks to complete the face-to-face component of the Safer Driver Course and then collect students after the last lesson of the day to complete the driving component and then drop students to their homes.

Multi-day program
Utilise our flexible delivery hours across 2 days (consecutive or non-consecutive) for students to access the face-to-face tuition in day 1 and the driver instruction on day 2.  These two components can be delivered at any time between 7am-5.30pm Monday – Saturday.

Students can qualify to access this course once they have recorded 50 hours of driving practice in their Learner Log Book.

$140/student (inclusive of lunch/morning tea/afternoon tea – dependant on time of course delivery).

Student numbers:
Class size of each course is 6 – 12 students. Multiple courses can be delivered throughout the year as students record the prerequisite hours.

Jody made the Safer Driver Course fun and personal. She got our group working together, she kept it interesting and explained all of the strategies really clearly so that everyone could understand.


Jody is like a breathe of fresh air to Module One of the Safer Drivers Course. She has brought a new fun element to the class room leaving students with a positive attitude going into Module 2. Student feedback has been 100% positive!

I love working in conjunction with Jody and her vibrant and professional nature.


Safer Driver Coach